1 egg, lots of sugar, even more shredded coconut, a dash of vanilla extract

Mix together then spoon out onto a cookie sheet
Bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown on the outside


1- What's your nationality ? American
2- Where were you born ? Saigon, Viet Nam 3- What language(s) can you speak ? English, Vietnamese
4- How long have you been living in HK ? 9 months
5- Where did you live before ? San Francisco, California
6- What do you particularly like in HK ? The great people I've met, the noodles/rice shops, and the shopping !!!
7- What did you find the hardest to get used to ? Huge cockroaches, pollution, mozzies
8- What movie/book/object/dish instantly evocates HK according to you ? Steamed chicken and rice
9- Once you'll be far far away, in a couple of years, what will remain of the experience ? HONESTLY, EVERYTHING! and especially the friends we've met from all over the globe!
10- Why did you share this particular recipe ? I don't cook and this is E-A-S-Y even for me ! I learned this simple cookie recipe watching the Asia Food Channel here in Hong Kong and I love it !